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Tuesday, October 28th, 2008
11:45 pm
holiday table settings!
hello to my small group! i would love to see this group grow, and some more posting! i will start things off here. i'm starting to plan my thanksgiving table. i usually do the same thing every year, it's cheap and looks great, but i might want to shake it up a bit this year.

usually i take medium glass globe-shaped vases (i purchased 3 from a craftstore or walmart years ago, 2 are clear, one has little clear bubbles in it), full about 1/3-1/2 with water. i take an extra bag of fresh cranberries, and spread it between the three globes the day of or day before (after more than 3 days, they start to turn the water pink). the cranberries float on the water. then i add an inexpensive floating candle, and line these up in the center of the table. for christmas i might add some greenery, sometimes a couple pomegranates. i recommend unscented candles, and you can add things like cinnamon sticks or rosemary to the globes. i think this would also work well in a single vase with flowers for a centerpiece. another thing i do for buffets throughout the holiday season is to use the glass jars from the special egg nog my husband likes as a treat, with sprigs of greenery or a long taper candle.

anyone have any other ideas for inexpensive holiday table decorating? also, i would really love an advent wreath this year (i'm catholic), and wondered if anyone has any how-to link they have tried for something similar, or any ides. boy do they get pricey. i would also be willing to trade for something knitted if anyone is up for that.

looking forward to seeing what people are being creative with for the holidays!

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Friday, April 25th, 2008
12:30 am
trying to stay afloat!
so it's no longer the christmas holiday season, but we are now into the wedding season! my husband's best friend is getting married this weekend, and while we cannot make the wedding for financial reasons, we are trying to put together a unique gift basket. they are having a huge wedding and will be getting plenty of cash and gifts from people, so we want to put together something more personal.

one of my fave gifts when i got married was a cookbook/notebook one of my mom's friends made me. she compiled a bunch of recipes, including her famous christmas cookies, and gave it to me in a beautiful box. we were thinking some of the same, except a gift basket. maybe scour goodwill for some neat housewares, and then i was going to knit a few nice dishcloths and a couple 'tribble' scouring pads, and finally compile some of my fave recipes and put them into a similar cookbook/binder/notebook.

any other suggestions for a fun newlywed gift basket? handmade wedding gifts?
Sunday, October 7th, 2007
4:06 am
traveling with crafts
i am going out of the country in a couple weeks, and i would like to get started on my holiday crafting for the long plane ride/layover and laying around in the hotel room.

have any of you run into any problems traveling on airplanes with knitting or crocheting? what projects travel well? i've been thinking about smaller projects, but i'm not sure.

tips appreciated! (basic questions will be cross-posted to punk_knitters)
Sunday, September 30th, 2007
5:56 pm
holiday knitting
I've just started working on the swirl felted placemats that were featured on the cover of the knitpicks catalog 2(?) issues ago. They're for my sister for Xmas, and I'm using knitpicks yarn. Unfortunately, my sister's taste in colors and mine are.. highly variant. So it looks like it will work out well (although I have 6 skeins of yarn attached to it at one time) although not as anything I would want in *my* dining room. BUT, that's why its a gift.
2:40 pm
The plan!
So, gifting plan...

1) Sweater for the boy. In chenille or other super-soft material. First sweater ever. Sweater curse, I shall defeat thee!

2) Scarf and felted pin cushion for boy's mum. Scarf in progress, to be given before Thanksgiving.

3) Washcloths for college profs. with apple patterns. That or homemade cookies/candy. Maybe a scarf for German instructor... And one for next term's instructor, as she has been admiring my knitting as well.

4) Crocheted "Scrump Lion" for my wee bonny brother.

5) Something other than scarves for my sisters...

6) Knit loofahs for mum, step-mum, and boy's family.

7) Scarves and cookies for four friends in mid west and east coast and Sweden.

8) Irish Hiking Scarf for friend in middle east.

9) Blanket/throw for roommate (no time constraints here, thank heavens!)

10) Something for grandparents, mum's boyfriend, and Dad. Possibly washcloths for grandparents and mum's boyfriend.

Yee gads! I better get hopping!
10:00 am
My hubby and I (well, mostly my hubby) have this way of accumulating tshirts. I now have a large pile of old and unloved tshirts that I can't just bear to throw away. I have a couple ideas for reusing them including cutting them into strips to make "yarn" for knitting and even cutting them up and making compost for my garden (no, really!).

But I also am the type who would like to use a handkerchief and pass on the love of using such things to my loved ones. So I had this idea of making hankies and gifting them. I would put embroidery in the corner to personalize them a bit, maybe some sayings like "Blow me!" or "Wipe" or something.

So what do you all think? I can't say I have very much experience embroidering in my adult life. I know that to make it easier, it's good to use an embroidery ring, however, that can actually be problematic when trying to use knit t-shirt cotton because it's so stretchy.

Comments? Thoughts? Thanks!
1:55 am
wow! i was a bit suprised to see that a few people had signed up over night!

i'll start the ball rolling here. i'm planning on knitting for my sister in law, who is 19 and in college, my mom, and maybe my grandma and my husband. my mother in law has requested an afghan/full sized blanket but that will probably take longer than now to christmas. she wants it in cotton, but i don't think that would turn out well, and i think it would be pricey, especially since it's going to be so large.

i'm working on a felted bag from lionbrand that i think would be a pretty good (and not too long to make) all purpose gift for a lot of ladies on my list. it looks to take not a whole lot of yarn, and it's supposed to felt down to 9x9, which seems a good tote size. maybe tuck a little personalized goody in there with a neat sewn lining so everyone has their own.

does anyone else have a list? and how about holiday decorations? this is my first year really 'getting' knitting (even though i've been tinkering with it for 7 years or so), and i'm excited and thinking about making some new stockings for my mom and my husband, as well as maybe a tree skirt or a holiday themed throw for our couch. we love blue and white and retro style christmas stuff.

finally, thanks for joining! i am hoping this community will be a sounding board for gift giving ideas, help with finding patterns and resources, and sharing good/bad gifting experiences. feel free to introduce yourself and share your list of planned gift recipients this year!
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