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trying to stay afloat!

so it's no longer the christmas holiday season, but we are now into the wedding season! my husband's best friend is getting married this weekend, and while we cannot make the wedding for financial reasons, we are trying to put together a unique gift basket. they are having a huge wedding and will be getting plenty of cash and gifts from people, so we want to put together something more personal.

one of my fave gifts when i got married was a cookbook/notebook one of my mom's friends made me. she compiled a bunch of recipes, including her famous christmas cookies, and gave it to me in a beautiful box. we were thinking some of the same, except a gift basket. maybe scour goodwill for some neat housewares, and then i was going to knit a few nice dishcloths and a couple 'tribble' scouring pads, and finally compile some of my fave recipes and put them into a similar cookbook/binder/notebook.

any other suggestions for a fun newlywed gift basket? handmade wedding gifts?
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