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wow! i was a bit suprised to see that a few people had signed up over night!

i'll start the ball rolling here. i'm planning on knitting for my sister in law, who is 19 and in college, my mom, and maybe my grandma and my husband. my mother in law has requested an afghan/full sized blanket but that will probably take longer than now to christmas. she wants it in cotton, but i don't think that would turn out well, and i think it would be pricey, especially since it's going to be so large.

i'm working on a felted bag from lionbrand that i think would be a pretty good (and not too long to make) all purpose gift for a lot of ladies on my list. it looks to take not a whole lot of yarn, and it's supposed to felt down to 9x9, which seems a good tote size. maybe tuck a little personalized goody in there with a neat sewn lining so everyone has their own.

does anyone else have a list? and how about holiday decorations? this is my first year really 'getting' knitting (even though i've been tinkering with it for 7 years or so), and i'm excited and thinking about making some new stockings for my mom and my husband, as well as maybe a tree skirt or a holiday themed throw for our couch. we love blue and white and retro style christmas stuff.

finally, thanks for joining! i am hoping this community will be a sounding board for gift giving ideas, help with finding patterns and resources, and sharing good/bad gifting experiences. feel free to introduce yourself and share your list of planned gift recipients this year!
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