Russia Moore (russia_moore) wrote in hipholidaydiy,
Russia Moore

The plan!

So, gifting plan...

1) Sweater for the boy. In chenille or other super-soft material. First sweater ever. Sweater curse, I shall defeat thee!

2) Scarf and felted pin cushion for boy's mum. Scarf in progress, to be given before Thanksgiving.

3) Washcloths for college profs. with apple patterns. That or homemade cookies/candy. Maybe a scarf for German instructor... And one for next term's instructor, as she has been admiring my knitting as well.

4) Crocheted "Scrump Lion" for my wee bonny brother.

5) Something other than scarves for my sisters...

6) Knit loofahs for mum, step-mum, and boy's family.

7) Scarves and cookies for four friends in mid west and east coast and Sweden.

8) Irish Hiking Scarf for friend in middle east.

9) Blanket/throw for roommate (no time constraints here, thank heavens!)

10) Something for grandparents, mum's boyfriend, and Dad. Possibly washcloths for grandparents and mum's boyfriend.

Yee gads! I better get hopping!
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