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My hubby and I (well, mostly my hubby) have this way of accumulating tshirts. I now have a large pile of old and unloved tshirts that I can't just bear to throw away. I have a couple ideas for reusing them including cutting them into strips to make "yarn" for knitting and even cutting them up and making compost for my garden (no, really!).

But I also am the type who would like to use a handkerchief and pass on the love of using such things to my loved ones. So I had this idea of making hankies and gifting them. I would put embroidery in the corner to personalize them a bit, maybe some sayings like "Blow me!" or "Wipe" or something.

So what do you all think? I can't say I have very much experience embroidering in my adult life. I know that to make it easier, it's good to use an embroidery ring, however, that can actually be problematic when trying to use knit t-shirt cotton because it's so stretchy.

Comments? Thoughts? Thanks!
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